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Charitable Giving FAQs

What does the school financially expect of us?

In addition to making tuition payments on time, we would hope that you would choose to:

  • Participate in the Annual Giving Fund to the extent that you are financially able
  • Volunteer for, underwrite with a donation, or take part in the special events sponsored by Westminster, such as the Westminster School Auction
  • Support capital campaigns that may be necessary to pay for new facilities, the remodel of existing buildings, or the growth of endowment funds.
  • My family is already paying tuition. Why should we donate money as well?

    Your financial gift supports the people and programs that make Westminster School such an exceptional place for children to learn. Financial gifts allow Westminster to have talented teachers, small classes, and reading, math, science, and foreign language resources that many schools simply cannot afford. Financial gifts allow Westminster to offer top quality in everything from the arts to athletics.

    With an operating budget of just over $6 million, financial gifts are necessary because tuition only pays approximately 86% of the cost of a Westminster education. For that reason, we must turn to current parents, grandparents, past parents, alums, and friends for additional financial support. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

    Why doesn't Westminster School charge the full cost of my child's education in tuition, and not ask for gifts, much like a business would cover its full costs in the price of its products?

    Westminster does not increase tuition to cover the actual cost of all programs because it would make the School unaffordable to many families. A for-profit business, whose mission is to make money, is not an appropriate model for Westminster whose mission is to provide children with a fine education. By its nature, a high-quality school like Westminster is labor-intensive and people-oriented. We would not choose to become more efficient by combining classrooms, reducing staff, or cutting programs which you want your child to have.

    Are there more reasons to give?

    Absolutely. Unlike tuition payments, financial gifts to Westminster School are tax deductible. In addition, nearly everything we have at Westminster is the result of previous gifts from patrons of the School. As these previous donors have provided for our student population, we must also provide for our children today and for future generations.

    How does financial aid fit into the fundraising picture?

    Westminster trustees have allocated 12.25% of the expected tuition revenue to fund its financial aid budget. But without donations sufficient to meet operating costs, more tuition dollars would have to go to operations – leaving fewer dollars for financial aid. Your financial gifts make Westminster affordable for a wider range of students, bringing your child the many benefits of social and economic diversity.

    How much of a difference can my gift really make?

    Westminster School, by its nature, is a smaller community. As a result, the size of our pool of supporters is naturally smaller. Because our giving community is smaller, every financial gift counts even more. For this reason, many families make Westminster School their philanthropic priority. They know their gift truly matters and again, their gift is tax deductible.

    Westminster aims for 100% participation from current parents, trustees, and faculty and staff in its fundraising efforts, including the Annual Giving Fund. High participation is a vote of confidence and a sign that parents are investing in their children’s welfare and supporting the School’s mission.

    Can we make our charitable donations in installments or online?

    Yes. Monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments can be made. These tax-deductible donations may be drafted from either your checking account or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

    Online giving can be made by clicking here.

    How much should we give?

    Only you can decide. We ask you to remember that your contribution, along with those of all our donors, will directly enhance your child’s education. We hope that every member of Westminster’s community will participate. The only gift too small is no gift at all!

    Does your employer offer a Matching Gift Program?

    More than 550 American corporations match their employees' philanthropic monetary contributions. Matching Gifts allow you to double or triple your gift to the School.