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Tuition Information

2022-23 School Year


3-Day $7,845
5-Day (Half Day) $9,820
5-Day (Full Day) $14,465
Kindergarten $14,735


Grades 1-4 $14,940
Grade 5 $15,435


Grades 6-8 $16,265

Fees For After School Care:

Primary and Lower Division programs each require enrollment. The cost is $155 per month for Primary and $150 per month for Lower Division, each with a $50 enrollment fee. Middle Division has a drop-in study hall where charges accrue at $1.50 per half hour and are billed twice a year.

Tuition Payment Schedule:

Each year a separate enrollment fee is due with the enrollment contract and is necessary to complete the enrollment process. Tuition payments begin July 1 and may be made in one payment, two payments, or over nine months. Payments made over nine months include a 4% service charge and tuition refund insurance.

Tuition Refund Insurance:

Tuition Refund Insurance coverage will be required for students who are new to the school or who elect monthly tuition payments unless satisfactory evidence is presented that comparable coverage has been secured elsewhere. The premium cost is a one time payment that will be billed on the first tuition statement calculated at 1.4% of the net tuition.

In addition to tuition, each enrollment contract requires payment of a $400 enrollment fee. Tuition amounts listed exclude incidental fees and book bills.

For financial aid information, please see the financial aid section on this site, or contact Debby Graham, director of finance and financial aid, at (405) 524-0631, ext. 122.