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Middle Division seventh graders ponder the essential question, "What needs do humans have and whose responsibility is it to fill those needs?" Students heard from Alex McGowan Rayburn from Sisu Youth Services and learned how their organization helps unhoused transition-age youth find shelter and support they need to pursue the life they want. Seventh graders prepared meals that were delivered to the youth at Sisu Youth Services to enjoy.



Gratitude, concern for others, and service to the common good are at the root of the Community Service Learning (CSL) program at Westminster School. This program builds academic understanding and empathy for others. It touches all Westminster students from preschool through eighth grade. It allows children to take ownership and make choices. It focuses on kids doing things for others. Westminster's mission statement talks about actively engaging and challenging students "to solve problems as cooperative, confident, and responsible learners." CSL brings our mission to life.

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