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Primary Division

The child's educational journey starts here as a part of the very special experience that is Westminster School. Caring and knowledgeable teachers create an orderly aesthetic environment. Primary teachers develop a relationship with parents and child, vital toward establishing the education, personal fulfillment, happiness, and well being of young children. The primary division curriculum reflects the Montessori content areas of language, mathematics, sensorial, and practical life. Personalized lessons promote a formal sequence of activities appropriate to each child.

Practical life offers daily living exercises such as pouring, sponging, tying, and cutting designed to coordinate and strengthen the hand and eye muscles. These are foundations for writing and reading. Language activities range from naming objects to writing down observations of the class parakeet. In the mathematics area, very young children might sort out objects, count, or explore the decimal system with the golden beads Store Game, "the most wonderful store in the world and you can have anything you wish." Sensorial materials draw the child's attention to complex concepts such as diameter, size, or plane figures of geometry which can be explored and compared to objects in the child's world. PE, Music, Bread Baking, Cooperative Group Games occur outside the classroom with Specials teachers. Other experiences include Art, Gardening and Cabin.

Take a Peek into Primary


The 3-Day option initiates the sequence of learning in Primary for 3 and 4 year olds. Students attend three consecutive half-days per week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The School offers either a morning or afternoon 3-Day class option. This classroom is small and contained.


The 5-Day option is available for 4-5 year olds. Classes meet five days a week. All children attend in the morning. Parents may choose a half- or full-day program. This multi-age classroom community contributes to a family ambiance. Older children are role models for younger classmates, working with and alongside them. Westminster has four 5-Day classes.


Kindergarten meets five days per week, full day with 5-6 year olds. The kindergarten program is designed to complete the sequence of learning in the Primary Division and prepare the child to enter the Lower Division. Afternoons provide an enriching extension of the morning activities.

After School Program

Quality after-school care is available throughout the school year on days when school is in session. It begins when school is dismissed and continues until 5:50 p.m. Enrollment is limited to the Primary Division's full-day students who are currently enrolled in Westminster School. An all-day program is provided on certain designated school holidays.