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Third Grade CSL: Water

Third graders investigated the essential question, “How is where we live impacted by water?” The students began by building an understanding of their essential question through discussion and class activities related to water issues such as conservation, drought, purification, and natural disasters.

The first lesson of the year emerged with destructive hurricanes in Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico and inspired third graders to create signs for our school carnival with interesting facts about hurricanes to encourage donations for hurricane relief.

Ultimately, this focus on hurricane relief led the school to donate its entire earnings from the carnival and t-shirt sales to the One America Appeal to assist hurricane victims.

A visit from Water4 showed students the real-life consequences of water shortage, as well as the threat that unsafe drinking water poses to the world’s population.

After this visit, students walked to a neighborhood creek and retrieved water to carry back to school.

This activity helped students better understand the difficulty of transporting water for drinking, bathing, cooking, and living. Students, inspired by the visit from Water4 and their own water gathering simulation, took action to help alleviate the water crisis in Africa.

They began a campaign to sell reusable water bottles. On each water bottle, they attached informational tags they had created to disseminate their knowledge about the importance of clean water for our planet.

They achieved their desired goal by selling more than 100 water bottles and donating $1,100 to Water4 to train people in Africa to build and repair wells in their villages.